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Newbury Ringing Group Recovery Maps

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Lesser Redpoll

Acanthis cabaret

Song Thrush

Turdus philomelos

We have the following maps click to view (Red indicates latest Update);

Most Song Thrush captured are resident to the Newbury area. In winter visitors from the north and Europe arrive with other winter thrushes in October and leave March the following year.

Records: 1200+ birds have been ringed by Newbury Ringing Group: 1967 to 2013

                 13 birds ringed by us have been recovered elsewhere.

None ringed elsewhere has been recaptured by us.


Distance:  ringed: 03-Apr-1988 Thatcham Marsh LNR Nr Newbury Berkshire UK

recovered: 29-Apr-1990 Luneburg Heath nr Hamburg, Gernany

786 km 1 year 311 days

Longevity: first ringed as an adult  30-Apr-2000, last captured 28-Jul-2007

7 years 90 days

Song Thrush once a familiar sight in most garden  have suffered a population crash recently and also seem to have become more secretive than in the past. Mostly they are resident  but we also get winter visitors from northern Europe and perhaps from further north in the UK.