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Lesser Redpoll

Acanthis cabaret


Luscinia megarhynchos

Most of  the Nightingale captured in the Newbury area arrive late April early June and leave late July -August and head for southern Europe and North Africa and from there probably winter in West Africa.

Records:  140+ birds have been ringed by Newbury Ringing Group; 1967 to 2013                  

1 birds ringed by us have been recovered elsewhere.

2 ringed elsewhere has been recaptured by us but unfortunately confusion over the ring number of  one of these means that we have no details of it original ringing site except it is in the UK.

                 16+ have been recaptured at the same sites in subsequent years.


Distance:   ringed:23-Jun-1979 Aldermaston GPs Nr Newbury Berkshire UK
recovered: Apr 1981 Le Landes, Aquitaine, France

820 km 1 year 311 days

Longevity:  first ringed as an adult male 15-Apr-1979, last captured 30-Jun-1984  

5 years 78 days

The Nightingale is slightly larger than the Robin and is plain brown above except for a reddish tail and buff  white below. Sexes are similar. It is known for its loud liquid song which it sings from a concealed perch deep within the scrubby habitat it favours. It is migratory being one of the last summer visitors to arrive and also an early returnee to scrub and woodland from Senegal to Kenya. Many birds return to the same area every year.