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Lesser Redpoll

Acanthis cabaret

We have the following maps click to view (Red indicates latest Update);

Lesser Black-backed Gull

Larus fuscus

Lesser Black-backed Gulls visit our area in significant numbers, feeding on the surrounding arable and at pig farms, flocks commuting up and down the Kennet Valley dusk and dawn to roost on the gravel pits mostly to the east. There is also a spring and autumn passage between the Thames Estuary and the Bristol Channel. During the day many gather to rest and bath on the local gravels pits.

We have yet to ring a Lesser Black-backed Gull. The few records we have are sightings of colour ringed individuals seen in winter gatherings usually at gravel pits and feeding on the plough or at the several pig farms in the area. Considerable numbers spend the winter and commute daily to roost in a  large Gravel Pits complex east of our area. Their east flying V formations are a feature of the winter sky towards dusk from September to March; the early morning commute out is less noticeable.

They gather at Lower Farm GPs near Newbury late afternoon before flying to roost. Also during the day numbers arrive from feeding grounds to drink and bath.