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Lesser Redpoll

Acanthis cabaret


Fringilla coelebs

Chaffinch once regular are now less frequently captured during general ringing operations. The decline in the local population on the surrounding farms, coupled with having to release many of those captured due to leg lesions is the main cause. Most of the birds captured in recent years are visiting our feeding stations. Occasionally we are able to capture flocks that have gathers on grain waste dumped by farmers though this is less frequent due to EU cleanliness regulations. Recapture numbers are low.

Records:   3800+ birds have been ringed by Newbury Ringing Group; 1967 to 2013

                  21 birds ringed by us have been recovered elsewhere

                  5 ringed elsewhere have been recaptured by us.

Many recoveries are local

Distance:  ringed Bagnor nr Newbury 05-Jan-1992,

recovered Finnanas, Kronoberg, Sweden 09-Apr-1994

1184 km 2 years 94 days

Longevity: first ringed a first year male  05-Jan-1986, last captured 02-Apr-1995

9 years 87 days

A common and widespread finch, Chaffinch have suffered a decline in recent years partly as a result of disease (leg lesions papillomas virus) and changes in farming practice that has affected many farmland birds. The disease probably peaked in 2011 in our area since which time occurrences of birds captured with the disease has become less frequent but is still quite widespread.