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Lesser Redpoll

Acanthis cabaret


Fringilla montifringilla

We usually capture Brambling at feeding stations in gardens and out in the countryside. They are usually in company with chaffinch. Rarely do we get more than one or two at a time and mostly they turn up in cold weather and when on return passage in early spring.

Records:   74+ birds have been ringed by Newbury Ringing Group; 1967 to 2013

                  3 birds ringed by us have been recovered elsewhere

                  no birds ringed elsewhere have been recaptured by us.

Distance:  ringed 20-Feb-2011 Greenham Common, nr Newbury,

recovered Lehtikangas, Partiokatu, Kajaani, Finland 02-May-2012

2217 km 1 year 72 days

Longevity: none of  significance.  

Brambling are winter visitors that come from the north, usually Scandinavia. They begin arriving in the UK in October and leave the following April but sometime linger a little longer. They usually begin to appear in our area at the beginning of the new year. Some years they pass through in good numbers and others times they a very scarce. In the past large flocks could be seen on the Berkshire and North Hampshire Downs but are seldom seen in recent times.